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What You Can Do With The MPT DriveHub App:

See how the MPT DriveHub app can help you #DriveYourWay!

Easy RFID Account Management

RFID balance checking and reloading is easier with the MPT DriveHub app! Conveniently manage your Easytrip or CCLEX RFID account in real-time. Reload conveniently through the app with various fund sources such as e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and online banking within the app. You can also turn on low-balance notifications to check your RFID balance anytime, anywhere!

Real-Time Traffic Updates

Staying informed can help you avoid the traffic ahead! Enjoy hassle-free drives when you have the MPT DriveHub app to help keep you updated on road conditions. Turn on your notifications to get real-time updates on MPTC expressways!

24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

Feel safe while driving, knowing you can get help anytime, anywhere! Get the proper roadside assistance based on your concern using the MPT DriveHub app on your smartphone.

DriveHub Tutorials

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Adding Own RFID Account
Adding Own RFID Account
Adding Own RFID Account
Adding Own RFID Account